Hometown: Florida, USA


Weight        : 124 pounds

Height         : 5 feet 8 inches

Age              : 28 years


Janet Layug’s resume in NPC and IFBB Pro League bikini competition reads as follows: nine wins, two runner-ups, one-third, one-fourth, and one-eighth (that last anomaly being her pro debut). Impressive for someone who took it up in 2013. But long before she was turning heads on bikini stages around the world, the stunner from Lakeland, FL, was doing it at Hooters, where she worked for seven years as a waitress. In between bringing happy patrons their drinks and appetizers, she also graced the Hooters calendar, won its International Swimsuit Pageant, became a registered nurse, and won the 2013 FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships. -FLEX Magazine

Legs & Glute Workout:

Squat*: |SETS: 4 | REPS: 10-25

Legs Press: |SETS: 4 | REPS: 10-25

Bosu Ball Hip Thrust: |SETS: 3 | REPS: 10-25

Walking Lunge: |SETS: 3 | REPS: 20 yards

Superset with Vertical Jump: |SETS: 6 | REPS: 10

Stiff-leg Deadlift: |SETS: 4 | REPS: 10-25

  • Alex Borg