Rebecca Ferrari

Rebecca Ferrari


Hometown: Belém, Para, Brazil

Stage Weight: 114.6 lbs

Height: 5’1”


Born in Belém, Brazil, Rebecca Ferrari was a very active and athletic child. At just 14, she moved to Italy. After one year, she returned to Brazil. At 16, she began gym training. Immediately, she had found her true place. In 2014 at the age of 19, she competed in her first show, the Arnold Classic Brazil, where she placed 4th in the Wellness Division. In late 2014 she competed at the Copa Para and won overall. Then, she started her prep for the WBFF Worlds Championship in Las Vegas. In her first WBFF event, at the age of 21, she took 1st Place and earned her PRO Card. She has appeared in many articles and magazines, inspiring her fans and followers to pursue a healthy fitness lifestyle.

Training Split

  • Monday : Back and shoulders plus 20 minutes of cardio
  • Tuesday: Legs focus on quads plus 20 minutes of cardio
  • Wednesday: Cardio (60minutes)
  • Thursday: Shoulders and Arms plus 20 minutes of cardio
  • Friday: Legs focus on the hams/glutes plus 20 minutes of cardio
  • Saturday: Cardio (60 minutes)
  • Sunday: Rest

Meal Plan (On Season)

  • 30 minutes before breakfast – AM JetFuel Superburn (while on prep)
  • 7:30AM- Meal 1 – 5 egg whites 1 whole egg
  • 9:30AM -Meal 2 – 4oz Salmon plus 3oz Aspargus
  • 12:30/1PM- Meal 3 – 4oz lean turkey plus 3oz spinach plus ½ avocado
  • 15 minutes Before workout – 1 Scoop PMP no stim
  • WORKOUT – During I will have 1 Scoop Amino GT
  • 3:30PM – Meal 4 – PWO: 1 Scoop Supertrein plus 1 banana
  • 5:30PM- Meal 5 – 4oz chicken plus 4oz white rice
  • 8:30PM- Meal 6 – 1 Supertein with ½ avocado

Competition History

  • 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil – 4th Place (Wellness)
  • 2014 IFBB Para Cup – 1st Place (Wellness)
  • 2015 WBFF Worlds Championship – 1st Place (Diva Fitness Model)

Personal Insight

My goal as a professional athlete is to help and inspire as many people as I can to reach their personal goals. I moved from a small, unknown city in Brazil to the US because I had a lot I needed to learn on my own in order to reach my goals. I left everything behind, including my family, to make my dream come true. They are wonderful and supported my drive to become something more. The gym, competing, fitness & wellness…they are my passion. I live 24/7 for this and am thrilled that GAT would give me the opportunity to take it to the next level. I give 110% every day because anything less just isn’t an option.

Fun fact – I love dogs and spend most of my free time with my Pitbull Ben!

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GAT Presents: Big Ramy Photoshoot

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GAT Presents: Photoshoot with Anette De La Rosa

GAT Presents: Photoshoot with Anette De La Rosa

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